2018 Champions Elite
Pitch/Catch/Hit Showcase Camp

Champions is proud to once again offer The Winter Elite Pitcher/Catcher/Hitter Showcase January 7, 2018, at Champions Fast Pitch Academy in Marietta. This is an event where players will perform skills in front of college coaches specifically to be seen for recruitment. Players will have the opportunity to showcase their pitching, catching, and hitting skills while going through rotations. Pitchers will showcase all of their pitches and be clocked. Catchers will be assessed on framing, blocking, and pop times. Hitters will go through multiple front toss stations to showcase their abilities.


Date: January 7, 2018
Time: 9:00AM – 2:00PM
Where: Champions Training Center

Team Registration

Email info@ChampionsFastPitchAcademy.com for more information with their team details requesting to register for the camp. Please note that teams will take part in the entire camp but will not be competing as a team.

Due to the new NCAA recruiting calendar restrictions for Division I coaches, this Pitcher/Catcher/Hitter Showcase will be intended for athletes looking to further their careers at the Division II, Division III, NAIA, or Junior College level.

This showcase is for hitters, pitchers and catchers ages 13-18 to Showcase their skills at our indoor location, Champions Training Center. This event is an unbeatable opportunity to get an exclusive showing in front of a wide variety of college coaches from all around the Southeast.

Pitchers will get to throw all pitches in front of the coaches in a small group setting with each of their pitches clocked and posted. Catchers will have the chance to catch for pitchers as well as having a separate time to showcase their blocking, framing and throw downs. Pop times from home to 2nd will be recorded and posted. Hitters will go through several rounds of front toss to provide several opportunities in front of the coaches.

This will be our 10th year to hold this event and last year every slot was filled and over 15 colleges were in attendance. This is a concentrated showcase and coaches who attend are specifically looking for hitting, pitching and catching which is why this has been such a significant event for our athletes. Many of our athletes have been recruited from this showcase in the past and we look forward to another successful event.