We envision Champions as a place not only for girls to improve athletically but also to grow into a leader and a person of good character. We serve to help prepare each individual for current and future life challenges. Offering individual and group lessons.


There is always a camp being hosted by Champions Fastpitch Academy. Each season provides a different camp from Pre-Season training to Summer Camps to Strength, Speed and Agility camps. Champions offers multiple opportunities to advance your skills throughout the year.


Champions offers skills videos throughout the year for athletes interested in pursuing fastpitch softball at the collegiate level. It is absolutely essential that a skills video is completed and available for college recruiters as many will determine the athlete’s ability to play at their school based on the skills video. Our videos have garnered much praise by major Div 1 schools.


Champions Performance Training Center was established to provide sports specific strength and conditioning programs for the young and elite athletes and also to provide beginner/intermediate/advance fitness training programs for both the trained and untrained individuals.


Team Training is offered year round to teams of all ages and levels. Team Training can be done at our facility or yours. Team Training allows for your team as well as your coaches to receive instruction from our professional staff.


At CTC, you will find a family that truly cares about your success in and out of the gym. Each workout will be scalable to any person, from elite athletes to retired couch potatoes; so that each person can train at his or her own fitness level and progressively develop the skills to succeed. We combine weight training, body weight exercises, interval training, core strength, balance, and flexibility to reach our fitness goals. There will be at least one coach at every session to explain, teach, and coach you through every workout to ensure proper form and technique is being practiced. The community that is present at CTC is one like none other, and will be a BIG part of your journey in creating a better life for yourself! For more information please see our website.