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Champions Training Center designs its programs for athletes to grow stronger, faster, and healthier as they continue to develop their skills in their specific positions. Along with creating stronger and more powerful athletes, we focus on injury prevention through flexibility, core strength, and balance. Strength training and the mechanics of throwing, hitting, and running go hand-in-hand. Through strength training athletes not only get physically stronger, but develop the body awareness required to apply their strength and explosiveness during pitching/hitting/throwing. If an athlete doesn't understand how to make their body be explosive, they will not be explosive when they are playing.

Sessions are instructed by a Champions Performance Training Center instructor.

Services Provided:
• Off-Season Training Programs:
   During the off-season we will focus on making the athlete as strong and powerful
   as they can be for the up-coming season. The benefit of doing strength training in
   conjunction with pitching/hitting/catching lessons is it teaches an athlete how to
   utilize the strength and power they develop and transfer it to hitting, pitching,
   throwing etc. We will be learning and utilizing lifts that are used on the collegiate
   level, which gives them a advantage when they move up to that level. Doing Olympic
   lifts in their strength training will not only prepare them for college, but will
   prepare them for the upcoming season by making them stronger and more p
   owerful athletes. We will also focus heavily on core strength/flexibility and shoulder
   strengthening for injury prevention.
• In-Season Training Programs:
   In-season strength and conditioning is equally as important as off-season training.
   Weight training during the season keeps athletes strong helps prevent over-use
   injuries that commonly occur during the long season. The stronger you are, the
   longer you will last! During season we focus on maintaining strength, increasing
   speed and endurance, and preventing injuries. We will be doing strength training,
   circuit training, plyometrics, and core training to maintain the strength we gained
   this winter while increasing speed and endurance. In addition to strength and speed
   work; focusing on flexibility and balance/stability through core work, and shoulder
   stability exercises will help prevent injuries and keep all athletes well balanced.
• CTC CrossFit:
   At CTC CrossFit, you will find a family that truly cares about your success in and    out of the gym. Each workout will be scalable to any person, from elite athletes to
   retired couch potatoes; so that each person can train at his or her own fitness
   level and progressively develop the skills to succeed. We combine weight training,
   body weight exercises, interval training, core strength, balance, and flexibility to
   reach our fitness goals. There will be at least one coach at every session to
   explain, teach, and coach you through every workout to ensure proper form
   and technique is being practiced. The community that is present at CTC CrossFit is
   one like none other, and will be a BIG part of your journey in creating a better life
   for yourself! For more information please see our website.

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Training Packages:
• 1 hour Private Session $45.00
• 1 hour Group Session $25.00—up to 8 athletes per group
• 8 Pack of 1 hour Group Sessions $160.00—up to 8 athletes per group
• Team Training--$15 per athlete/hour—minimum of 9 athletes

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